Raphael Wright is the founder and CEO of Urban Plug L3C, a trailblazing social holdings company that's investing leveraging media, hip hop culture, and equity crowdfunding to rebuild America's inner cities.


Urban Plug is the parent to Plug'd Media, a media collective that's a book publisher, content creator, and apparel company. Urban Plug's current project is Neighborhood Grocery, an inner city grocery store startup that wishes to battle food insecurity and economic instability in Detroit. 

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WEALTH introduces the concept of wealth building to the culture of hip hop like only someone from the culture can. Rafa Wright uses brevity, experience, and the input of so many others to craft this concise book on what wealth really is, what wealth is not, and the practical way to pursue wealth.

WEALTH: The Re-Rock (2019)

HOW 2 HUSTLE (2016)

How 2 Hustle is a manual on how to trap like the street hustlers of the 1980s and 1990s but legally. How 2 Hustle puts the many business lessons from the streets in a concise, easy to read manual for every hustler in today's business world.


This concise, practical treatise explores the process to community building, written for the culture by a leader in the culture. “Make The Hood Great Again” is Rafa Wright’s high level manifesto on how to make America’s inner cities better based on his journey to open a grocery store in Detroit. Release date 3-29-2019.


Raphael Wright is a social entrepreneurs that’s opening a grocery store in Detroit. While still in the development stages of the venture, this journey has exposed him to the social, political, educational, and economic forces that dictates what food we eat, how we eat, when we eat, and why we eat. Soul Food is a podcast that forces listeners to view food as much more as a delicious thing we eat but also as a tool of power in the world. AND... We're gonna save the traditional known as Soul Food Sundays.



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